Daily Links | आज के लिंक : 2011-10-30

  • फिल्म समीक्षा :डोर . (Old Hindi post) http://t.co/U9vUL1Pi #hindi, #merapanna ->
  • Step by Step Guide to Enable Hindi/Indic Support on Android Phone http://t.co/S1x0Rsge ->
  • अपने एण्ड्रोइड फोन पर हिन्दी चलाएं (Enable Hindi Support on Android Phone) http://t.co/5RwgG8qM ->
  • I've enabled Hindi on My Android phone (Galaxy S 2), Now hindi visible everywhere. Will write in details soon. ->
  • Anybody knows Dish TV STB:Zenega D-6000 HD 5 Digit IR Remote Code? wanna configure it with Universal Remote provided by Onkyo Home Theater. ->
  • The Internet of Fake Screenshots http://t.co/4c3dN30D via @labnol ->
  • It’s Time For Google To Let Google Voice Live Up To Its Promise http://t.co/GTpc34lA ->
  • Forget Your Facebook Password? Your “Trusted Friends” Could Help http://t.co/G4xeX5SU ->
  • Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your Tweets http://t.co/8134ynUi ->
  • Easy Fat Loss Diet Tips – Substitute, Don't Sacrifice! Make Fat Flee With These 10 Quick Calorie Cuts http://t.co/TqmYAJir ->
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