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Google introduces Open Source Website

Google has introduced Google Open Source Website , and opened doors to thousands of projects and million lines of code for the benefit of developers community.  The website showcases all google project initiatives, codes and release management and many more. It shows strong commitment from Google towards Open Source. Projects includes Cloud, Data Analytics, Database, Developer Tools, Games, Internet of Things,[…]

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Application Security : Focus Area

In our previous posts we talked about type of Threats and discussed in details Top Threats for Web Application security. Today we shall talk about the points a developer should consider while security Applications. Focus Area Website Authentication Resource Authorization Input Validation & HTTP validation and encoding Parameter Handling Session Data Handling Sensitive Data Protection Web Services Exception Handling Web Config[…]

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What’s WebTech blog, why another blog

Hello Readers! I am Jitendra Chaudhary, having experience of over 28 years in IT Industry, mainly in Software development using various technologies. Presently employed with Oil and gas major in Kuwait. When I was thinking of this blog and spoke to few of my friends, all were asking, why another blog? When all are leaving blogging, why you want to[…]

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